Umeshu is a sweet-sour alcoholic beverage with a distinctly fruity aroma from the Land of the Rising Sun – Japan. As the name Umeshu suggests, this is commonly made using raw ume plums. Umeshu is coined from two words – ‘ume’ meaning the ume plums and ‘shu’ meaning wine or alcohol. Thus, Umeshu means plum wine or plum alcohol. Umeshu is rich in citric acid and antioxidants. Hence it aids in digestion. It also has important vitamins and minerals that enhance your skin, hair, and nail health. Despite what the literal translation says, Umeshu is not exactly wine as there is no fermentation involved.


  • Kishu Umeshu Beninanko

  • Kishu’s Yuzu Umeshu

  • Nakano Umeshu